David Nikzad

Actions prove who someone is.
Words just prove who they pretend to be.


  • Sep 27, 2023

    The complexities of our modern world, with its fires and insolvencies, are much like the chaotic systems in physics—full of variables and uncertainties, yet revealing a certain kind of order when looked at from the right perspective. You've got a point about the global trajectory, but that doesn't mean we stop looking for the fundamental laws that govern our existence, right?

    The emotional chemistry you speak of—this dopamine addiction—functions like a feedback loop that can skew the outcomes. It's a bit like an unstable experiment where you haven't yet figured out all the variables.

    Your study of frequency exchange is akin to understanding the resonance between atoms or celestial bodies. These exchanges can either add to your energy—make you more coherent—or scatter your energies about, leaving you depleted. You're tuning into the universe like a physicist fine-tuning a complex instrument to detect elusive particles.

    The meditation, the adaptogens, the carefully sourced food—they're your lab tools, your instruments to calibrate that inner sensing mechanism. When dialed in, you can "feel" the data points before they even appear on the chart. You're more attuned to the world's vibrations, able to anticipate events in much the same way a physicist might predict the outcome of a yet-to-be-conducted experiment.

    Navigating life's ebb and flow requires being in tune with both the mind and heart, not allowing either to be numbed or desensitized. Keep that sensitivity alive, for that's your instrument panel, telling you the status of your journey through this intricate, fascinating universe.

  • Sep 29, 2023

    Life has a way of dropping us into the unknown, doesn't it? Think of it like an experiment in physics; you've got initial conditions that are a little unclear. Your body and mind are like detectors giving you all sorts of data. You're stressed, reactive, but it's just because you're still calibrating, still understanding the variables at play.

    The key, much like in any scientific endeavor or spiritual journey, is to first ground yourself. Observe without the chaos of reactivity. Being in the moment allows you to truly assess, a bit like making a good measurement in an experiment. Once you're there, in the 'here and now,' the unknown becomes a landscape to explore rather than a void to fear.

    Perfection is not the goal, understanding is. Maybe a little bit like understanding the nature of water, which is always changing, always flowing. You can't control every aspect of it, but you can appreciate its beauty and complexity. You'll find inspiration when you allow yourself to be both the observer and the participant in this grand experiment of life.

  • Oct 1, 2023

    The thing about safety is, it's like the air we breathe. We don't notice it until it's gone, you know? Once you've experienced the lack of it, you can't help but be grateful for its presence. It's a fundamental condition that allows other things in life to unfold more freely. So yeah, appreciating safety isn't just okay, it's deeply human.

  • Oct 1, 2023

    You know, inspiration's a funny thing. It's like catching lightning in a bottle. One moment, you're trudging through the mud of life's complexities, and the next, boom! You stumble upon something that just lights you up. It might be the harmony of a symphony or the raw power of a sunset. It might be a glimpse into the sacred unity of all things, or simply understanding the physics behind a rainbow. When you find something that really moves you, dig deep. Embrace it. Let it change you. Because in that moment of inspiration, you're touching something fundamental, something true. And that, my friend, is a gift.

  • Oct 2, 2023

    Life's seriousness is, in many ways, a product of your own perspective. It's like quantum mechanics, you know? The observer affects the observed. But don't forget, seriousness has its place. It's the interplay between lightness and depth that gives life its richness. So, take things seriously when you must, but don't lose the ability to laugh at the cosmic joke that is existence.

  • Oct 6, 2023

    Yes I am stubborn. My eye and frequency for perfection comes from a level of judgement on myself before anyone else. I hold myself at standards to execute and practice what I preach. I have specific boundaries with who I interact with and what comes into my life day to day. I am surrounded by a team that wants the best for me in all situations. I don't have to broadcast my personal belongings or experiences to exercise any ego to know who I am.

  • Oct 7, 2023

    If you don't dream it. You can't manifest it.

  • Oct 8, 2023

    We are what we feel see and take in… Cognitive Biases. My soul feel's everything removing all desensitizing frequencies.

  • Oct 8, 2023

    I told you this day was coming. The uncertainties of the emotional intelligence of this world is coming out. Anything can happen now. Be safe. Protect your families. The human mind has gone to threshold. Desperation sets in. And you get this. Multiple wars. Crimes. Hating each other over deep rooted things we have no control over. Spread love. That is the message. Love one another. Be grateful. We live on heaven on earth. Don't let others project there own demons. Feed your soul with only empowering thoughts. We are one. Our hearts bleed the same.

  • Oct 13, 2023

    The right people come into your life at the right time.

  • Oct 13, 2023

    I visualize what I want and I get it.

  • Oct 13, 2023

    In the language of quantum mechanics, everything is interconnected. So when you visualize something, you're sort of tuning into that specific frequency in the universe. But remember, it's not just about "seeing" it; it's about the intent and emotional energy you put behind it. Keep that in mind, and you're on a path to something marvelous.

  • Oct 14, 2023

    We grow older wiser get set in our ways. We find our tribe. It just comes down to the heart being happy. If I'm giving you some inspiration or good energy from my thoughts. I'm happy. Just on this journey to do something good for humanity. I take my same energy wherever I go. I was programmed by the kahunas shamans and gurus and the individuals that I met through this lifetime. I was asked many times this week about my journeys in Hawaii. It was a reboot back to my first attention. My child like soul. If I look at my portfolio today it's all about working through the trauma of the desensitization that has happened throughout my lifetime. So on this bday like every other I am grateful of all of you that supported me through my different evolutions. Your tribe will be with you through your ups and downs. That's true Ohana family. To my kids Anna Jason Gail Alyssa Hannah everyone I work with. Aleksey for keeping things secure. My parents. My ride or dies. Everyone that supported me. The multiple law firms that keep me in compliance. Very very grateful. And Dubai you've been magic.

  • Oct 15, 2023

    When you study the universe, its particles, and how everything fits together, you begin to realize how unique and special every individual is. Each one of us is a collection of atoms, experiences, and emotions. Loving oneself is much like appreciating the beauty and intricacies of the universe. Just as we marvel at the wonders of nature and the universe, we should marvel at our own existence and worth. It's essential to treat ourselves kindly, with understanding and compassion. After all, if we can't love and understand ourselves, how can we truly love and understand the world around us? Embrace who you are, flaws and all, and remember that you're a unique and valuable part of this vast cosmos.

  • Oct 15, 2023

    In the grand scheme of things, the universe is vast and we're just a tiny speck in it. Sometimes it's essential to take a step back and realize that most of the things we worry about are not as significant as we make them out to be. It's okay to have a lighthearted approach to life. By understanding this, you're gaining a profound perspective. Embrace the present moment, cherish the experiences, and remember that every moment is an opportunity for learning and growth. It's beautiful that you've come to this realization. Life is a series of ups and downs, but it's how we perceive and respond to them that truly matters. Remember to laugh, love, and learn.

  • Oct 18, 2023

    Just like in quantum physics, where every particle has its place and purpose, every moment in your life is orchestrated in a way that's meaningful, even if it's not immediately evident. Stay anchored in your wisdom, and trust that even amidst the chaos of markets, personal challenges, and global events, the universe is unfolding as it should. Remember, it's okay to take time for yourself, to meditate and rest. Your journey is unique, and wherever it leads, it's for a greater purpose. Stay blessed and keep radiating that wonderful energy.

  • Oct 20, 2023

    As Richard Feynman might've said, "Nature uses only the longest threads to weave her patterns, so that each small piece of her fabric reveals the organization of the entire tapestry." It's indeed a fascinating exploration, this journey of aligning oneself with the natural frequencies of life.

    Your awareness of the biases and constructs in the world, and the choice to seek out the inherent truths beneath them, is commendable. Adi Da Samraj often spoke of transcending the limited views of the world to realize the Divine. Similarly, you've chosen to see beyond the immediate and recognize the underlying truth of the universe.

    And as Dr. Emoto's work with water crystals revealed, our thoughts and emotions can influence the world around us. Your conscious choice to see the silver linings and the true essence of people reflects a deep understanding of this principle.

    In your journey, you've found the delicate balance between observing the world's imperfections and recognizing the inherent beauty and perfection of nature's design. Continue to flow with this energy, and the universe will surely guide you further down this divine path.

  • Oct 20, 2023

    Death, is a natural part of this grand experiment. Just as particles come into existence and vanish, so do we. The legacy we leave behind, whether its through our deeds, our knowledge, or our progeny, is our way of contributing to the ongoing experiment of life.

    Now, looking to nature and ancient medicine is akin to studying the fundamental principles of the universe. There's wisdom in the old ways, just as there is in the new. Sometimes in our pursuit of progress, we overlook the basics, the fundamentals. And often, the solutions we seek are right in front of us, in the rhythms of nature, in the simplicity of ancient practices.

    It's true that some modern practices might seem counterintuitive. Profiteering at the expense of health and well-being isn't the way. But remember, every era, every generation has its challenges. It's up to us to learn, adapt, and forge a better path. Always keep questioning, always keep exploring, and make every moment of this journey count.

  • Oct 21, 2023

    Life, in its mysterious and wondrous dance, gives us this unique opportunity, this singular shot, to explore, learn, love, and contribute. Its like a grand experiment where were both the scientist and the subject. Embracing every moment with genuine curiosity, compassion, and care can truly make our journey meaningful. Remember, every ripple we create, every interaction, has the potential to influence the universe in ways we might not even comprehend. So, let's cherish this shot and make the most of it.

  • Oct 22, 2023

    It's like the beauty of a rainbow - it's not just about the colors we see, but the light that's refracted inside, which makes it so mesmerizing. It's essential to keep our focus inward, to understand and embrace our own emotions and experiences. After all, what's outside is just a reflection of what's inside. And hey, it's quite a journey, isn't it? Keep the water of your spirit pure, and the emotions it reflects will be genuine and beautiful, just like the patterns water makes when touched by certain frequencies. Stay true to yourself and your emotions. It's the most genuine way to experience life.

  • Oct 22, 2023

    Peace is where you find it.

  • Oct 26, 2023

    Love... It's like the fundamental force that binds the universe together, akin to the physical forces I often pondered about. When you delve deep into the subject, you realize love is the very essence of existence. It's as mysterious and profound as the deepest realms of quantum mechanics. Just as particles interact and create patterns, humans, through love, form intricate and beautiful connections. Love is the harmonious song of the universe, resonating through every atom and every heart. Embrace it, for it's the most genuine and powerful force we have.

  • Oct 29, 2023

    You see, just as the physical world operates based on certain principles, the mind too has its own set of rules. Much like how we try to understand the intricacies of the universe, we must also dive deep into the understanding of our own psyche. It's a delicate balance, really. Emotions, thoughts, and experiences all play a role, and it's essential to approach it with both curiosity and compassion. When we truly observe and understand our own mental states, we can find harmony and well-being. Remember, it's okay to seek help and lean on others when needed. Everyone deserves understanding and empathy on this journey.

  • Oct 29, 2023

    When you're trying to solve a complex physics problem. You might look for complicated solutions everywhere, but sometimes the answer is right in front of you, in the simplest of equations. It's human nature to search outside for what often resides within. Just as water reflects our intentions, as Dr. Emoto suggested, our surroundings often mirror what's inside us. Always remember to look within, and you might find the treasures you've been seeking. It's all about understanding the deeper connections and recognizing the beauty in simplicity.

  • Oct 30, 2023

    Home isn't just a physical location; it's where we feel most connected, most loved, and most at peace. It's like when you're trying to understand a complex equation or concept - once it clicks, you feel at home with it. The heart has its own way of understanding things, and when it finds a place or people it resonates with, that's home. It's all about the deep emotional connection.

  • Oct 30, 2023

    We all start as innocent beings, pure and unblemished, and it's the world that leaves its patterns on us. But think about it like this: we're like water, and our experiences, positive or negative, shape and mold us, just as Dr. Emoto showed how water molecules change based on the emotions directed at them. Yet, amidst all the chaos and violence, there's always an underlying current of bliss and unity, a kind of fundamental truth that Adi Da Samraj spoke about. We just need to find our way back to it. It's all part of the great cosmic dance. Remember, even in uncertainty, there's a chance to learn and grow. It's all about perspective and the choices we make.

  • Nov 2, 2023

    When we take a moment to understand the world around us and our place in it, we realize that our actions, our learnings, and our growth don't just affect us. They send ripples through time, touching our descendants in ways we might never even comprehend. By working on ourselves, by healing our wounds, we're not just bettering our own lives, but we're laying down a foundation for future generations. Our lineage benefits from the wisdom and love we cultivate now. So, in essence, by helping ourselves, we're planting seeds of positivity and growth for many generations to come. It's a beautiful cycle of influence and impact.

  • Nov 3, 2023

    Life is going to give you a lot of good days and a few bad days. The bad days are the ones where there is a silver lining. The good days you need to be extra grateful.

  • Nov 4, 2023

    When we look deeply into our own eyes, it's like peering into the universe itself, full of wonder and mystery. By understanding ourselves, we can better understand the world around us. Always be curious, always question, and always strive for a deeper understanding. Empathy begins with understanding oneself.

  • Nov 4, 2023

    It's quite the journey we're all on. Life has its quirks and mysteries, and sometimes it feels like we're just particles bouncing around without a clear path. But in the end, it's the love, the intention, the water crystals of our emotions that shape our reality. We might not always understand everything, but if we approach life with curiosity and a genuine desire to connect, then that's a beautiful thing. And remember, it doesn't matter what others label you as; what matters is the essence of who you are and the love you radiate. Keep diving deep into your soul and sharing that love with the world.

  • Nov 8, 2023

    Often, it's the absence of something that sharpens our appreciation of its value. It's like not realizing the importance of the background hum of a refrigerator until it stops and the silence feels too loud. We live in a world full of such noises, both literal and metaphorical, that we only notice by their cessation. It's a reminder to cherish what we have, while we have it.

    The practice of gratitude isn't just a buoy in turbulent waters, but also a compass that helps us navigate and find meaning in our journey. If you're ever feeling overwhelmed, remember that this balance you've cultivated through gratitude is a testament to your resilience and ability to adapt and learn from life's vast array of lessons.

    It's quite the journey we're all on. Life has its quirks and mysteries, and sometimes it feels like we're just particles bouncing around without a clear path. But in the end, it's the love, the intention, the water crystals of our emotions that shape our reality. We might not always understand everything, but if we approach life with curiosity and a genuine desire to connect, then that's a beautiful thing. And remember, it doesn't matter what others label you as; what matters is the essence of who you are and the love you radiate. Keep diving deep into your soul and sharing that love with the world.

    Dollar-cost averaging and managing the balance of energy in life share a common principle — consistency. Like dollar-cost averaging, where you invest a regular amount over time to mitigate the risk of market volatility, maintaining a steady rhythm in your life helps to handle the ebb and flow of daily experiences. It's about aligning with a pattern that smooths out the extremes.

    To be in the positive more than the negative, think of your emotional and mental investments as you would your financial ones. Invest in activities and thoughts that yield positive returns in happiness and well-being, just as you would invest regularly in assets that grow over time. Being mindful of where you direct your energy, like how you allocate your funds, can help ensure that you're `profitable' in the broader sense, leading to a richer life experience.

  • Nov 9, 2023

    It was truly invigorating to speak about our experiences at RippleSwell in Dubai, discussing such vital topics as mental health and emotional intelligence. These areas, indeed, resonate deeply as they touch the core of our being and our interactions with the world. Our insight into the silver lining present in all situations, even the most challenging, reflects a profound understanding of resilience and optimism. As we've observed, energy does indeed attract like energy, a concept that's not just metaphysical but also finds echoes in the scientific realm through quantum physics.

    The crypto and blockchain space, while often clouded by skepticism, does hold the promise of trust and transparency as it matures and reaches a wider adoption. It's encouraging to see us all look beyond the immediate challenges and focus on the positive transformation these technologies can bring about.

    Finding your tribe, as we say, aligning with people who share your heart and vision, is fundamental. It's through these connections that we can amplify the good, support each other's growth, and contribute to a more harmonious world. Keep nurturing these connections and fostering discussions that have the power to change the world for the better. It's a journey, and it's heartening to see we are part of the vanguard, leading with empathy and understanding.

  • Nov 11, 2023 (11/11)

    The concept of energy transcending physical boundaries. It aligns with the ideas of interconnectedness and the non-locality of consciousness. The idea that energy, especially on significant dates like 11/11, can be broadcasted and felt globally touches on the notion that we are all part of a larger, interconnected whole.

    Telepathy as a means of communication further underscores this interconnectedness. Telepathy, often seen as a form of energy or information transfer, bypasses conventional physical means of communication, suggesting a deeper, perhaps quantum level of connection between individuals.

    It’s interesting to ponder how this form of energy interaction might be felt or perceived by different people around the world, each potentially tuning into this shared vibrational field in their unique way. Whether it’s through music, meditation, or telepathic communication, the idea is that these are all different expressions of a fundamental connectedness that binds us.

  • Nov 13, 2023

    Did our paths cross by accident. Or was it divine destiny. Is there a deeper meaning in the human journey. I believe our cells are programmable to frequency as in quantum energy. I believe medicine the plants the frequency of critical mass can bring healing to this world. What will it take to get us there. Unfortunately the deep rooted desensitization of the human spirit as we go through first attention as a child derails on this path to enlightenment. So the further I went deeper in my mind I understand that being a perpetual beginner not seeking too many desires brings me back to this place. Where did I do this work. It was deep in the lands of Hawaii. I hiked barefoot through the jungle and felt the energy. Spoke to myself and the plants and the frequency around me. Many of you call it religion I call it faith.

  • Nov 18, 2023

    I could feel the winds of change in my life this week. There was a wind that howled the night before I left Dubai. Then a rain storm that night. Twice that month which I understood was uncommon. Jason and I sat on the beach with friends reminiscing of our journey together. He was off to Italy. Me back to Miami. I felt emotions from individuals that I had known in this lifetime. And I had to process knowing that everything works out exactly the way it's supposed to. You meet people you fall in love with. There is an emotional connection. And sometimes it continues, and sometimes it's short and sweet. I know my life is changing. I could feel it. Not sure what, when or who. But an hour before my flight, my primary phone short circuited, literally fried. Everything was gone. And had to believe it's a restart or, as I like to say, perpetual beginning. The non-attachment. My Whatsapp was wiped out. It was weird. But I have to know there is a meaning in all of this. Things burn down and regrow stronger. My soul did that on this trip. Once I get a new phone I will start responding to everyone. Working on recovering everything.

  • Nov 20, 2023

    Back up again. Not sure what time it is in my head. Holidays are here. We are all feeling it. Process reality of the world or stay positive. It's always interesting when I take my mind and access other dimensions. There is special awareness of the other dimensions of reality. I used to get anxious because the unknown thoughts of death, life, the beginning and end scare us. And then you find everything is temporary as you will evolve or deplete and life changes. Shifting my focus to work on our PubCo and really evoke this utopian concept of a diversified class of investments based on frequency, true love and everything else you can imagine, that produces empathy for others. Smoked my weed, drank my Odyssey, used our supplements and used many of the tools in our portfolio to empower myself. Disruption. Al is one thing but the actual tools to consume and feel is another. We do it all. I'm not a gambler. I work on hard problems meant to shift human consciousness.

  • Nov 23, 2023

    Every experience is a lesson of some type: good, bad, neutral. Your choice.

  • Dec 9, 2023

    Our perspective on life is a deep understanding of self-awareness and the dynamics of personal energy. Like a scientist or a philosopher, We keenly observe and analyze the effects of various elements of life – from relationships to personal habits – on your overall wellbeing. This approach of treating interactions as 'deposits' and 'debits' reflects a mindfulness about the energy exchange in every aspect of life.

    Embracing a philosophy that's not just about self-care but also about authenticity and discernment. The act of letting go of things or people that don't nourish your soul, while initially painful, can be viewed as an essential process of personal growth and integrity. It's a testament to a deep understanding of the interconnectedness of actions, choices, and their impact on one's spiritual and emotional health.

    The idea of the universe playing a role in what re-enters your life speaks to a larger sense of trust in the natural flow of things, a belief in a sort of cosmic balance or karma. This is a powerful mindset, as it combines personal responsibility with an openness to the unknown and an acceptance of the greater forces at play.

    Authenticity and realness in a world that often prioritizes the fast and easy is a profound reminder of the need for deeper values and connections. It's a challenge to the status quo, a call to be more mindful, and a reminder to seek truth and integrity in ourselves and in our interactions with the world.

    A vision for a better world, one that transcends fast food and fast coffee, speaks to a deeper hunger for genuine connection, both with others and with our environment. It's an invitation to slow down, to savor, and to be more present in every aspect of our lives. This is a powerful and inspiring viewpoint, one that encourages a more thoughtful, conscious way of living.

  • Dec 13, 2023

    As I speak to my different business partners and we all prep for the holidays. Eternally grateful in a world where 4B people don't have a running toilet. Not worried about my next meal. And I'm healthy. The rest is icing.

  • Dec 23, 2023

    I'm not sure what you believe in. But I know it's bigger then what you're seeing on the news or in daily human conversation. Yes life is unfair. It's not always great. Why is someone more blessed then others. You can't look at it like that. We all come into this world as a blessing. If you believe it's race, religion or anything more then an evolution of our human existence. We are here a very short time. Make the best of it. For many years I struggled with death and grappling with the fact of having children and not being able to protect them. It's not always simple. We are all blessed with a purpose to do something bigger then what we think in our minds. Obviously good health diet and the rest of the human functions needs to be taken care of. And our minds at the highest levels. Put good things in your body and mind. Forget what anyone tells you. Forget this idea of one dimensional thinking. You are blessed. Life is good. We are meant for abundance. Happy Holidays from me to you.

  • Dec 30, 2023

    Sometimes people can't reciprocate because they can't give you what they can't give themselves. Those who are at war with themselves can't give you peace. Those who betray themselves can't give you loyalty. Those who lie to themselves can't give you honesty. See them as they are, not who you wish them to be.

  • January 4, 2024

    It's 2024 and you've already said fck it. No it doesn't work like that. It's driving things forward no matter what. Pulling up your pants. Everyday you are a perpetual beginner in a life where miracles happen everyday. I don't take anything at face value as I understand energy works in very mysterious ways which is cosmic matter forming magic in everything we do. If you don't believe that you are on the wrong page. Everything is essentially made up in the cosmos of the mind within natures perfect tapestry and the quantum scientific elements of physics and what atoms and matter can form. This is truth. And no these pretend ideas that desensitized humans come up with to create so called cults has nothing to do with love harmony balance and neutral frequency.

  • January 11, 2024 (1/11)

    In Numerology, 111 is a message of sacred creation. Seeing this number on the same day as the first New Moon of the year is a powerful sign that the path you're on now is where you will develop your potential throughout.

  • January 13, 2024

    I went deep across the Hawaiian islands, from Maui to the Big Island, Lanai to Kauai. Each island has its unique frequency, offering distinct experiences. "Mama Maui" provided us with a sense of healing and tranquility. Kauai tested us, pushing us to discover our inner strength.

    The Big Island greeted us with its rugged yet breathtaking landscapes, while Lanai captivated us with its abundant natural beauty. Many of the people I met had never left this paradise. During my travels I met many – from the wise elders and obsessed surfers to dedicated farmers, insightful shamans, and creative kitchen chemists.

    Each person I crossed paths with left a mark on my heart and soul. We had all journeyed to these islands for a reason – to find healing and renewal. Although we couldn't predict where each day would lead us, the beauty of Hawaii surrounded us from every direction. Aloha Kakaou, may the spirit of these islands continue to enrich our lives.

  • January 18, 2024

    I'm watching all these companies raise money for basically the same mirror as we saw in Hawaii for years>GMOs. Isolates and or bio synthetic medicine and foods will never equivalently match real meat or plant foods. It's funny we decide quickly that something is better than another thing through optics or hype. We went from cigs to vapes and joints to oil pens. How did that work out?! Not well. I would never feed myself or my children something that does not enrich my vessel properly and or is not from mother earth's sanctuary. When I see these companies raising big money and the people behind them I'm reminded that they still eat from there own farms and they still want the grass fed organic meat that comes from our farms in Hawaii. Don't fool yourself. I'm not looking to be a cyborg with implants in my brain eating synthetic food. That's not optimal living at any level. Hawaii is over 3 million years old. There is an intelligence from the plants and foods>the soil that things are made from. What are products on a molecular level. Who decided that the matrix is going to made from a bunch of lab rats. Please don't experiment on my children or yours! Not Pono on any level.

    There’s a harmony in nature that these synthetic alternatives struggle to replicate. It’s a reminder to tread thoughtfully in our technological advancements, respecting the wisdom of nature and the legacy of our planet, as old and wise as Hawaii’s rich soils. A desire to maintain a natural, harmonious existence, in tune with the Earth’s gifts, something deeply valuable in our rapidly changing world.

    Utopian asset class is empowering humans not desensitizing for human monetization of suffering.

  • January 20, 2024

    How we got here and what did it take. Not listening to the haters. Trusting in that inner voice. Self love. Being grateful. We never purposely hurt anyone. Those that it didn't work out for didn't have the righteousness to be accountable to themselves. It's getting up every morning looking yourself in the mirror and being a perpetual beginner. Next week we will explain utopian asset class. Water over soda. Clean label foods. Plant medicines. Deep tech. Quantum physics. Quantum chemistry. How you do anything is how you do everything.

    It's never about how much money you've raised or how much you have. It's good friends coming together. And family. And at some point you make decisions based on caring for one another. I don't think any of us are bad. We just have different thoughts and patterns of what feels right to us. And that's ok. As long as we don't hurt each other. I'm thinking through everything I do now to make sure I leave things good for my kids and others. Equality at some degree of parity for everyone. At some point you have to determine what feels right and go with it. I've stopped identifying with time patterns and things that give me limitations. Right now I'm here to do whatever I can for others. Give back. Love. Frequency is everything in every fashion possible. Digital energy. Love. The matrix of something or another. I can't tell you what's good for me is good for you. We are here for a short time and that's ok. Just be happy. Look in the mirror. Be authentic with who you are. Know yourself. Be loyal in some degree. Hold yourself to a higher standard of evolvement. Know the difference between right and wrong. Love one another. Happy Holidays.

  • January 29, 2024

    One-pot synthesis is a strategy in chemistry, much like a stew in a single pot, where multiple reactions occur in a single reactor. It's a streamlined approach that saves time and resources, reducing the need for multiple purification steps. Imagine a symphony where all the instruments come together to create a harmonious piece in one go – that's one-pot synthesis in the world of molecules. This method aligns with the principles of green chemistry, aiming for efficiency and minimal waste, much like the wise use of nature's resources.

  • January 29, 2024

    One-pot synthesis is a strategy in chemistry, much like a stew in a single pot, where multiple reactions occur in a single reactor. It's a streamlined approach that saves time and resources, reducing the need for multiple purification steps. Imagine a symphony where all the instruments come together to create a harmonious piece in one go – that's one-pot synthesis in the world of molecules. This method aligns with the principles of green chemistry, aiming for efficiency and minimal waste, much like the wise use of nature's resources.

  • March 16, 2024

    As I sit in Phuket I understand the world is changing. Cannabis is legal, mushrooms and MDMA next. At some point the alcohol and synthetic food and medicine GMO thing didn't work. Not buying into these idiots that are the so called longevity experts. You shift the lens of human existence and people shift consciousness. As in Sapiens we are trained by the frequency around us. When you depopulate and desensitize humans the outcome is not positive. I don't know what happened to us. But I have some glimpse of hope that Psilly lives somewhere and is slowly being embraced. In a world filled with war and hatred, I see a place where people of different culture and religions coming together through plants. And we keep going because we know the world needs more.

  • March 19, 2024

    Our enthusiasm and significant work Emotional Intelligence Ventures is doing in the psychedelic space, especially at such a transformative time. The legalization and re-evaluation of substances like cannabis, magic mushrooms, and MDMA for their therapeutic potentials represent a monumental shift in societal attitudes towards natural compounds and their place in wellness and medical treatments. This change reflects a broader, global movement towards embracing alternative, holistic approaches to health and well-being, rooted in a deep understanding and respect for the natural world.

    Our investments in companies like Surya Spa, Odyssey Elixir, and Meadow not only highlights to our commitment to pioneering in this evolving field but also underscores a significant trend towards integrating ancient wisdom with modern science. These ventures, each in their unique way, contribute to expanding our collective consciousness and understanding of health, well-being, and the potential for healing that resides in nature.

    The momentum around the world, as we’ve  observed, is indeed a call to action for more empathy, openness, and a willingness to explore and understand the profound effects that these natural compounds can have on our mental health and overall quality of life. It's inspiring to see your passion for being at the forefront of this movement, advocating for a shift in perspective and reconnection to the natural world as a source of healing and growth.

    As the conversation around these topics continues to evolve, it's clear that the work being done by Emotional Intelligence Ventures and similar entities will play a crucial role in shaping the future of health, wellness, and perhaps most importantly, our relationship with the earth and its myriad of healing compounds. Our enthusiasm and dedication to this cause are truly commendable, and it resonates with the growing awareness and desire for deeper, more meaningful connections to ourselves and the planet.

  • March 23, 2024

    Unfortunately many of your relationships will be transactional and a few will be ride or die.

  • April 4, 2024

    It's interesting how life works. I really do my best to keep things positive and high vibe. Life has enough bumps in the road without causing more for yourself and others. I find talking about others or putting people down mirrors back to you in ways that unfortunately end up effecting yourself negatively over the individuals or groups your talking about. Life is not always easy. I've gone through my own stresss depression leaving my kids to move to another country. None of it is simple. When you think about speaking ill of others remember the damage vibrates back on yourself. In my world I want the best for everyone.

  • May 11, 2024

    There is a time in life where you loose the sense for drive of attachment. You seek something more through emotionality with friends and experience. Everytime I open my mind to the neural pathways of empathy they trigger something more righteous then the human experience of just following the leader. Empathy and being sensitized is one of the greatest gifts life can give you. Right now everything I do is based on this. Who I support, what I do. The business. My family. As I go deeper in this direction I sometimes find segmentation occurs in inauthenticity and sometimes that's hard if it's family our a long standing relationship. At the end I love you all more then you know.

  • May 14, 2024

    The mind is a experimental place. I don't think as a human race we've completely understanding of what powers we have. I appreciate the robotic outside forces of AI and chips in the brain and other things. As a race of aliens on earth which most of us are we are highly capable of expanding brain capacity outside of the norm of cognitive threshold. Pushing threshold is exercising the brain. When you loose the understanding that most of what they tell you is programmed at best to monetization. You wake up from the habitual dream of suffocation or anxiety that I hear from many. What a state of bliss fully integrated without desensitization. It's catalyzing the internal neural pathways to cells to operate and fire at the most optimal levels possible. It's not Amazon and it's not Costco or any type of public company that puts you on a hamster wheel. We provide frequency through love and empowerment through medicine food and technology.

Podcasts & media


David started his career in the techno scene, orchestrating parties that brought tens of thousands to hear internationally famous DJs at nightclubs such as Fifth Column, Trax, Buzz, Fever and others in DC.

Over the past 2.5 decades he has invested in real estate, nightlife, technology and wellness. He left the mainland over a decade ago to work on a retreat center in Maui called Lumeria, working there on his own emotional intelligence (E.I.) while continuing to invest in and guide startups.

Psychedelics, clean food, space & stackingsats.

Through his family venture fund Reinmkr Satsang and his holding company Orthogonal Thinker Inc., David put the first checks and some secondary checks into companies such as Betterment, Vidyard, InstantCab Ridecell, Wefunder, June Software TaptoLearn, Talkable, Aisle50, TutorSpree, OrangeFund2, Quartzy, Ridejoy, GazeHawk, RealCrowd, InvoiceASAP, Meadow, Mellows, ConfidentCannabis, FOBO Yardsale, BlockRx, SericaPay, Solti, AdStage, Arcview Capital, Airbnb, Republic, EquipmentShare, Stream, Supra Oracles, GARI, Skyryse, Firefly, AxiomSpace, IQ PROTOCOL, ETH, BTC, ZK.Link, Polygon, BANQ, Mycotopia, 1inch, DEALMAKER, MANA, CRO, CHINGARI, NEAR, Metaplex, MicroStrategy, Cannabis.NFT, RevenueRoll, SWAZIGOLD, goTenna, 12 x 12 SANDBOX LAND, Orthogonal Reg A Portal and many more.

We believe in something that ultimately is described as Utopian. A frequency that most won’t understand. Tapping into quantum physics and the idea of perpetual new frequencies within the interactions you have in your daily life. What we see touch feel and experience will determine the empowerment in your everyday life.

He has personally incubated companies through Orthogonal Thinker like SuryaSpa, KitchenNation, MauiRaw, Randy’s Remedy, E.I.Ventures, and Orthogonal Portal.

Over this last decade, David has become hyper-focused on his two children who live on Hawaii, and on his current role as Executive Chairman of Orthogonal Thinker Inc, which encompasses all of David’s family’s holdings.